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Social Media | 10 March 2016

Forbes’ brand collaboration hits 60 million page views

Does it sound too good to be true that you can get paid to publish free content and yet not compromise your editorial integrity? Maybe so in the traditional newsroom, but this is By Alvin Lim ... More

Looking back on media innovation in 2015, surging ahead to 2016

VG makes World Chess Championship — and knitting — cool (seriously)

Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation programme engages local thought leaders

The Re-Branding of The Independent as a National Platform in South Africa

The 5-year outlook for legacy media companies

Why publishers should consider a brick-and-mortar move

Telegraph increases student circulation with scrapbooking programme

What media companies can learn from a beer company about brand extension

Smartphone apps increase Irish Examiner’s market share, mobile ad revenue

How salmon saved De Morgen

Fairfax Media brings in new print revenue with ad frequency programme

“Share a Coke” campaign offers 3 lessons for news media companies

Berliner Morgenpost creates interactive team, content goes viral

The ultimate news marketing plan: Jay-Z, Taylor Swift as beat reporters

De Persgroep branding campaign proves its merit to advertising clients

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