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Naturally Novak | 16 December 2014

Closing the gap between “digital first” and “digital all”

Have you ever been surrounded by “digital” people, speaking a lingo you only approximately grasp, dropping names and abbreviations you definitely don’t understand, using tools and By Anette Novak ... More

10 seasonal sales ideas for the circulation director who has everything

Attention legacy media: It’s not about us anymore

Cox Media Group revamps digital strategy, starts with Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Backing off to see what it takes to reach overly connected consumers

News media companies need to act now on digital for long-term revenue strategy

News media companies need to utilise Facebook, YouTube to their fullest extent

Creating a customer-first company culture

4 key considerations when building a lifetime value model

Consumer centricity: Practice it with your advertisers or perish

New York Times partners with Citi for mobile native advertising solution

Dainik Bhaskar researches market potential, expands into new state

SPH Magazines revamps its business model with print, digital advertising innovations

Revenue ideas: Design to delight like Cirque du Soleil

Tracking ad effectiveness is key to proving news media value

New York Times measures impact of digital audience development

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