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Bottom-Line Marketing Blog | 29 October 2014

Creating a customer-first company culture

If you ask employees at your news media company what they do, they will likely come back with a quick and concise answer – “I’m in news/advertising/digital/insert department here.” By Scott Stines ... More

SPH Magazines revamps its business model with print, digital advertising innovations

Revenue ideas: Design to delight like Cirque du Soleil

Tracking ad effectiveness is key to proving news media value

New York Times measures impact of digital audience development

The blurred lines of content, consumer engagement

Gannett increases audience time spent with print by extending USA Today brand locally

South China Morning Post uses anniversary to celebrate Hong Kong

Dallas Morning News, ad agency partner on content marketing business

Social media success from London Fashion Week

The power of a strong cover in print publishing

4 single-copy opportunities for publishers

Radio spots promote Cape Argus coverage of Olympian’s murder trial

Straits Times reaches teenagers through print

Taking a 10,000-feet view of circulation e-commerce

Hindustan Times engages community with solutions to Mumbai’s traffic woes

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