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Ideas Blog | 26 January 2015

Financial Times increases advertising, audience revenue using “customer DNA”

Editor’s note: This is one of 17 case studies featured in INMA’s strategic report “Making Big Data Smarter For Media Companies,” released in December. The metered model of Financial By Jeremy C. Fox ... More

Cross-device targeting may be key in 2015

INMA launches 4 European Ideas Days featuring 80 industry case studies

9 tips to building a Facebook-less content strategy for 2015

2015: A year of innovation, investigation, initiation, integration

3 key competencies for news media company success

Closing the gap between “digital first” and “digital all”

Media companies are missing mobile coupon opportunities

Dallas Morning News shares 5 ways to build profitable event business

The 5th “P” in marketing: people

Anatomy of a successful subscriber acquisition e-mail campaign

10 seasonal sales ideas for the circulation director who has everything

Attention legacy media: It’s not about us anymore

Cox Media Group revamps digital strategy, starts with Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Backing off to see what it takes to reach overly connected consumers

News media companies need to act now on digital for long-term revenue strategy

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